Yup, we have no shame.  We'll put your name and logo on our hot sauce.  Denzel thinks it's a pretty unique and creative way to get your company name and logo out there to promote your business (can you spell tax write off?).  Lets see, you can give them away as gifts, sell them in your store, or put them under peoples windshield wipers.  If your in the food business, you could put your personalized hot sauce on the table right next to the ketchup.

So, lets see now, it's a promotional tool that can generate revenue.  How good is that!

Here's the rules, regulations and stuff we need from you.

  1. A copy of your logo.  Either a printed copy or, preferably in a computer file (the bigger and clearer the better).
  2. A minimum order of at least 3 dozen of each sauce to make it worth everybody's time.
  3. There's a measly one-time $50.00 setup charge per label.

Check out some of our labels that we have already done. - Private pics -