Absolute Nut

Hi guys!

I am an absolute NUT for hot foods. I have tried many hot sauces, and always found myself looking for something more, some were hot, some were very hot, and some had a good flavor. But I never found one that had both, the spiciness I wanted, and a good solid flavor that added to the foods, and didn't over power.

Around November My wife went to the food show at the Grand Hotel in Kelowna and she brought home a bottle of your FIRE HAZARD hot sauce. Well my friends, throw your hats in the air and give a great cheer!! You have done it! Your sauce is without a doubt, the best hot sauce I have come across, EVER!

The flavor is superb! It is hot, and spicy, and tangy, it makes my tongue tingle and my mouth water just to think about it. I add it to everything! I put it in my soup, on my sandwiches, on meat, potatoes, Chinese food, hot dogs, hamburgers! I dip my fries in it!

I have just finished my bottle, and I will be getting more immediately!

I went to your website, and look at all the Hot sauces for me to experiment with!! I can't wait!!!

Thanks for making such a wonderful sauce! I appreciate your hard work and efforts immensely!



Vernon, BC

Kamikaze Gourmet Hot Sauce.


As an avid hot sauce fan and amateur hot sauce maker I've always believed that creating flavour is more important than heat. Heat is the easy part, but to combine the two important factors (flavour AND heat) is the key to a great hot sauce.  Denzel's has nailed it with their Kamikaze Gourmet Hot Sauce.

Yesterday I was surfing the net for Canadian manufactures of hot sauce and tripped across your site (very well put together might I add) and I noticed that Denzel's sauces are widely available here in Calgary. I made the effort to drive down to one of the markets in search of Denzel's hot sauces and found it instantly. With a million different sauces now out there, I am always a little hesitant in randomly purchasing a sauce without any knowledge of the product. I think many sauces focus on the name and label and forget the ingredients. As a proud Canadian and hot sauce fan I prefer to support the 'local' makers. I am really happy that I made the decision to purchase your product. It's outstanding. There's no crazy gimmicks, your product has subtly yet attractive labels and names but it's not over the top. It's a great balance. But more importantly the sauce is a winner.

I have made hot sauce for many years but never attempted to market it.... although I have been encouraged by friends, family and co-workers to do so. When I make a batch I've always given it way for free to the true hot sauce fans as it is a hobby and my passion. One day it would be nice to see my 'JDK Hot Sauce' out there too along side of my fellow Canadian hot sauce makers.

Enough about me!

I just wanted to express to Denzel's that you have a new customer and I will spread the word to others to make the effort to buy your products.

Great job!


Joe in Calgary

Awsome Stuff

Hi, I bought three bottles of your sauces at the Show in the Grand Yesterday. Unfortunately, the packing of the product for transport was poor, plastic bag and round bottle. After arriving home, I removed the bag from the back seat and one bottle fell outof the bag. My heart sunk, I thought “NO”not my hot sauce. The bottle of “Fire Hazard”was the casualty, luckily, only the cap was broken and I did not loose any on the precious contents.  Would it be possible for you to toss a cap in the mail, I have it covered with plastic wrap and elastic for now.My wife wanted top put it in a plastic container. I said NO, thinking to myself that that would be an insult to such a fine product. Also, could you supply me with a list of places in Kelowna that carry your line of products.


City Cooks

Hi Denzel, just checked out your web site and was pleasantly surprised at the varieties you carry! However I am hoping you can help me out with a particular sauce that was available at "EAT VANCOUVER" last spring. I was given a bottle of "City Cooks" hot sauce. Once we discovered the  truely amazing bite this sauce had, my husband couldn't get enough, and adds it to almost anything. Our dilema?........IT'S EMPTY! On closer inspection I found your company name on the label, can you tell me what variety of sauce it is?  I'm hoping you sell the same under a different label, and it's not something made just for that event.

I see you have achieved many accolades for your sauces.......we've tried plenty but this is truely HOT! I hope you can help, but regardless I now know what to fill his stocking with this Christmas. Perhaps you can also let me know where to purchase your product locally (Vancouver area).

Many Thanks,

New Fan Steve

Hi Denzel,

Remember me Steve?  Probably not because of how many people you meet everyday.  Well I tried all your hot sauces when we drove by at the Shuswap Market.  I didn't quite try ALL the sauces you have lined up that day - I had to skip a few because I would have never made it to the "Fire Hazard".

I finished the sauces and they are great.  I got the Pineapple, the garlic one, and Fire Hazard.  They sure come in hot and even burns on their way out.  I intend on buying some more for sure... keep up the great work!

Your new fan,

Near My Office


My name is Jeremy and I have recently tried some of your sauces.  Namely the Kamikazee and the Fire Hazard and the Dangerous goods.  I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how much I love your sauces.  I have a decent collection of sauces and yours are among the best tasting that I have had.  The best part is that you are from Canada as well.  I am in Calgary so it was a relief to find a place that carries your sauces near my office. 
Keep up the good work, I will definately continue to purchase and use your sauces.
Your pal


Fan Club

Denzel, I would like to express the utmost appreciation for the most amazing product I've ever had the pleasure to put on my chicken and in my mouth.

I eat a ton of chicken.  In fact I eat a small farm almost every day.  Your Meat Rub "Piquante" is simply the best product I've ever tasted.  I purchase 4 or 5 bottles at a time from my local store so that I know I have enough for the month and I constantly tell them to re-order when they're down to a few bottles.
maybe I should just order it by the case directly from you my good man.

It's a small world too. I live in Edmonton and I have clients in Salmon Arm.  I'll be stopping by for a visit next time I'm in town.


Fell In Love

Hey Denzel!!!!

I just moved to Salmon Arm in October and was instantly introduced to your hot sauces and FELL IN LOVE!!! I am addicted to the fire hazard.  I use it on EVERYTHING!!!  Unfortunately I am moving back to Kelowna and am wondering where I can go to stock up before I move!!!  I saw some in Overwaitea, but not the fire hazard.  If you could let me know, that would be awesome!!  Thank you for making the best hot sauce in the world!!!!  You rock!!



    My name is Brock and I also live in Salmon Arm. First off, congrats on all the awards, they are all well deserved. I used to be a big believer in Frank's, but after trying the pineapple sauce at the Rio there's no turning back!!!!
    My roomate and I are going through a bottle of Kamikaze a week and was wondering if perhaps you might give a discount if a larger quantity ( ie. litre or gallon ) were purchased directly at once. This stuff is AMAZING on chicken wings, (and pretty much anything else), and I go through a ton of it!
    Let me know if there is anything you can do, and if so, or if not, keep up the good work! In the meantime I'll be trying all of your other fine products. My folks, who aren't into the FIRE love the Chipotle sauce and I'm trying to spread the word on all the sauces as best as possible!

Thanks, Brock

Experimental Wing Sauce


My name is Darrin. I'm the guy that you gave the experimental chicken wing sauce and corn chipotle sauce to. I am just letting you know that we had some neighbors over on Monday night and your sauce was a hit. The men tended to like the sauce "as is" because they like hot wings. The women were not as appreciative. We did some experimenting by mixing your sauce with ranch salad dressing and did some wings "buffalo style". The dressing took some of the "bite" out of the sauce and the girls loved it (including the kids). Everyone wants to know where I got the sauce from. I told them I had no idea what was really in it and it was not on the market as yet. You'll have to email me when you start to produce the sauce for retailing. I could sell a few bottles right here in my neighborhood.

Tonight I used the "Dangerous Goods" as a marinade for b-b-q steak. The sauce penetrated the meat, gave it an extra kick of flavour, and tenderized the steak at the same time. I used about 1/2 a tsp on each side (along with some generic steak spice) and let it sit for about 4 hours; it was delicious.

We haven't tried the corn chipotle sauce yet but I think that will be next. I might try using it when we cook up a mexican dish like tacos or something. When I tasted that sauce at your booth it just reminded me of Mexico.


Darrin B

Awoken Taste Buds

Merry Christmas and I hope 2005 brings you more success. I encountered 'Kamikaze' a year ago at Safeway in Ocean Park Plaza (recent remodel and no longer carrying your product) and now feed my demon from the swollen shelves at Art Knapp in South Surrey.    'Pineapple Punch' is dynamo and 'Peaches and Scream' I just tried on my quesadilla last night.   ' Lil Smokehouse' goes in my marinades and all of my friends have received 'Kamikaze' at some point this year.   Why do I gush so?   You have awoken my taste buds to such tasty heat, that if I don't tell you I will die from guilt.
Gracias o' purveyor of pain.
Michael B.

Hurricane Frances

We received your package right after hurricane frances and no electric for 4 days and right in time for hurricane Ivan and before that hurricane charlie. To much this season

Anyhow wanted to tell you we like your sauces so far we,ve tried the Kamikaze first WOW! knocked my a__ off. Great heat and mmmmmmmm WoW that s___ is powerful. We liked the Lil smokehouse also. Will try more sauces with each meal.

Like for you to give us prices with the shipping added on & see if we can't get this to work. Your products are first rate all the way. Brother you have it going on with them sauces for sure!

Chipotle Sauce

Hi Denzel,
I recently purchased your Chipotle Sauce... fantastic. Unfortunately I bought this little gem in Calgary while on business there. Now that I am back home in Vancouver, I need to find more... my bottle only lasted a few days... too good!
I would like to order a case or perhaps a dozen bottles... but I don't see it on your website. Could you let me know if you are still making it, and how much it is if I buy direct?

Look forward to your reply,


Signed Bottle

Hi Denzel,
Love your Chipotle Hot Sauce .... We stopped by your booth looking for Chipotle powder and ended up buying a bottle of your smokehouse sauce.  I came back a bit later looking to have you sign my bottle as I want to
place it prominently on my spice rack and brag about meeting the king.  You were into in but couldn't find a sharpie. (happens to me all the time, never have a sharpie handy when I need it)  You said if I emailed you to remind you, you'd send me a signed bottle. I am.  I like the web site and the labels as well. Seems like a good match, you two.
Any way, I love the sauce and your personal story about how you got where you are today. I plan to help "grow the legend" if you know what I mean.
After reading about but not trying out at the show, I think I like to order a bottle of Peaches and Scream (signed, if possible).
Cheers and thanks

Dave & Cindy - Coquitlam, BC

Good Fortune

Hello Denzel ~
I had the very good fortune to try all of your sauces at the Eat Vancouver show on Friday, the guy you had in the booth working for you was a ton of fun and was very patient as we sampled everything.  The apple cinnamon sauce is like nothing I have ever had before - I think I am addicted already.

I am opening a gourmet food shop in Langley, BC in June and I would love to carry an assortment of your sauces.  Can you please send me a wholesale price list and shipping information along with a credit application and any other information I may need.

Angie - Surrey, BC

Amazing Sauces!!

Hi Denzel,
I recently went to a home show here in Edmonton Alta and was happy to see something besides new windows and decks.  You had a booth there and I purchased a six pack of your sauces.  Let me tell you,  I'm a hot sauce fanatic.  I've had over a thousand sauces from all around the world and have a pretty decent collection going on here.  Your sauce is some of the best sauce I've ever had!  I was blown away to hear that a Canadian company was making such a great product!  Thanks for the fantastic sauces and keep up the good work....   we're lovin it!

Dave - Edmonton, AB

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

Hi Denzel, 
I met you on Oct 3 at the Salmon Arm Farmers Market.  We were on our way to the Okanagan Wine Festival.  We tasted some good wines but the real find was  the six bottles of your sauce that I bought from you.  Mom's Apple & Cinnamon even improves the traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.  GREAT SAUCES!!   Your Southwest seasoning rubbed on turkey just about makes the bird alive.



You Nailed it!

Just tried one of your hot sauces, Fire Hazard.  Glad you took up experimenting with peppers, you nailed it on the taste buds.  Good to see us northern folk know how to put out good southern cooking condiments, and trust me I've tried most.  I'll be back for more.
Tastefully satisfied,

Dave - Calgary, AB


Two weeks ago at the Farmer's Market in Revelstoke, you gave me a bottle of sauce that you said was a "mistake" because you put in waaay too much garlic.
I just want to tell you, it was a great mistake !!!!   We love it and use it on so many things.  Sometimes there is no such thing as too much garlic......


Hot Sauce Quantities


I recently bought some of your sauces on eBay and just LOVE them.  Would I be able to get a discount if were to buy a larger quantity.  Do you sell cases?  I would really like to purchase some of the Dangerous Goods Hot Sauce - it is now my new favorite sauce (and I have a whole cupboard full of different sauces) - just what I have been looking for for everyday use - it goes great on anything.

Let me know what we can do.  Give prices in US $.
Thanks and keep making the great sauces!

Wade - Stoughton, WI

Absolute Best Sauce

The ABSOLUTE BEST SAUCE I have ever had, superfast shipping, Thanks Denzel !!!


Great Sauce

I have been given a bottle of your Denzel's hot sauce last summer and finally tried it yesterday.  It was incredible.  I loved it. It packs a better punch than any of the others I have tried.

I live in Nanaimo and would like to purchase some to send to many of my friends.  Where is it sold in the Nanaimo BC area?  The first bottle I buy will go to South Africa.

Thanks for you help, and thanks for the great sauce,


Hey There!!

WE LOVE YOUR SAUCE!!!!!! We, my kids and myself, were checkin' how to order more, we got some at the farmer's market in Revelstoke, and we saw on your web page , you sell it here at Bocci's!!!! Yahoo!!! I know, I know, it is only sauce, not a cure, but heh, life is short, enjoy what you can!
Keep up the great work!!

:) ~ Carrie

Hot Sauce Addict

Since hot sauces departed the realm of trendy products, it has been virtually impossible to find proper heat anywhere. Trust me, we search high and low. Melindas is the standard, and no longer available, we thought.

Quite accidently, we found Goodfellas Cigar Shop. The lad has the best selection of sauces I have ever seen, including Melindas.

I loaded up on Dave's and Melindas and bought a bottle of your Dangerous Goods.  It is hot, has flavour and goes great with que pasa saltless chips as a salsa, applied from bottle to chip.  It gets only a 3 rating?

Have you considered a carrot/ lime base for a sauce? There is an outstanding Florida product which is heavy on the key lime, and as you know, Melinda's and Sharpe's use carrots and lime.

Not that I want to cut Goodfellas out of the loop, I will certainly order product from a BC guy, or gal.

Great to see you in business and good luck.


Howdy from Tejas

Hi Denzel!

My in-laws sent me some of your hot sauce and said you would like input.

Tastes great!  Not overwhelming like some of those heart attack varieties, such as Dave's Insanity Sauce-it went  beyond food and was simply masochistic.  I told my fellow Texans that anyone that could hold a drop on their tongue could have the bottle.  A few hombres sauntered up, chuckling at a free bottle, but then got very quiet, and very worried.  One person had an asthma attack induced from it.

Your sauce, however, has the nice rattlesnake bite to it, but it doesn't overstay its welcome, letting the mouth remain sociable.  Just keep it simple, and give out Mexican recipes to increase sales, if that is what you want.

Once again, great sauce, not too salsa-like like those tomato pastes that try to pass for sauce.  Habaneros always make the best.  An elderly black lady here grows her own and makes the seeds with vinegar into her own sauce.  It gives you a raw throat for a couple of days, until you build yourself up to handling more than a tablespoon a day, then you just get addicted to it.  The insects got her habanero patch this last time, so I was having withdrawal-your bottle came just in time.

Many thanks,


Order Upon Request

Dear Denzel,

Recently I was in the shuswap region for a summer holiday and we stumbled upon your hot sauce stall at the Farmers Market at Salmon Arm.  We sampled several different sauces and decided on buying one bottle of, "Big Boys Tomatoe Hot Sauce Original."  It goes great with everything and I would be interested in purchasing a couple more bottles of it. If it is possible I would like to get some information on the quantities, prices, and ways of purchasing the product, I would truly appreciate it.

Thank You,


Ordering Hot Sauces


I noticed that you have been selling hot sauces on eBay.  I purchased some of your gourmet habenero sauce this last summer in Salmon Arm, and I LOVE IT!!!  I would like to purchase another bottle of your gourmet habenero and dangerous goods sauces.  I would like to pay through PAYPAL for the total of $6.00 USD plus shipping (I live in Edmonton).  Could you please email me back with your PAYPAL id and the total amount for the TWO sauces and shipping in USD.



New hot sauce ideas

Hi Denzel!

I used to buy hot sauce from you at the tuning point.  I've tried your new line, and it is excellent.  I am not a big fan of fermented hot sauces like Tobasco, but really enjoy a hot sauce with a fruit base instead of a vinegar base.  Any chance you might make one of these in the future?


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